WoW Hunter Talents - What is the Best WOTLK Hunter Talent Build?

The Hunter is one of the classes in the World of Warcraft whose role depends on their WOW Hunter Talents. Aside from being an efficient DPS provider, a Hunter can take on other roles such as pulling, crowd control and some situations, as a tank. It is one of the fastest leveling classes in the game and the most profitable farmers as well. You might be wondering what the best WOTLK Hunter talent build is.

So let me share with you what I think is the best WOTLK Hunter talent build for me. There are various WOW Hunter talent builds that players can choose from. It would depend on the role and the primary use for your toon. If you still haven't reached the maximum level then place the majority of your WOW Hunter talent points in Beast Mastery. One of the most basic leveling hunter talent builds is 57/14/0. It could also be used for farming and instances. This build is made with your survivability in mind. WOW Hunter Talents that would be used are Catlike Reflexes, Endurance Training, and Thick Hide. It also maximizes your pet's DPS output and you could train exotic pets as well. The pet can hold aggro without the use of Growl.

For raids, you can go with the Marksman Hunter 3.08 talent tree, which is 11/60/0. In the Beast Mastery hunter talent tree gets the Improved Aspect of the Hawk, Focused Fire, Improved Revive Pet, and Aspect Mastery. Then in the Marksman talent tree pick the talents that increase your attack power and lets you use your mana efficiently.

For PVP, the best WOW Hunter talents are found in the Beast Mastery hunter talent tree. The best build is 50/21/0 where the 50 points in the BM tree are allocated in skills you need. Forget about exotic pets this time. The 21 points in the Marksman tree gives the Hunter Aim Shot and Readiness.

Is there really a best Hunter talent build? Well the answer is that, the best Hunter talent build for me might not be the best Hunter talent build for you and vice versa. With the correct WOW Hunter talents you'll be able to out-DPS everyone in your party. Depending on what your goal is for your class character, you'll need to put your talent points where they need to be to get the best out of your class character whether its for raiding, pvp, or solo DPS with the help of a WoW talent add on your talent points won't go to waste because you'll know exactly where to put your talent points to get the best out of your class.