Travian - How to Shake Off Someone Who is Farming You - Part II

Some players will advise you against having crannies since they take up valuable space. Later in the game when your main building is at level 10 you can take them down. It takes time to demolish a cranny, but better be able to demolish it than not be playing at all, right?

The obvious way to shake off a farmer is to build defense. If you haven't built a few crannies you should do so. If you're a Gaul you know that a level 10 cranny holds 2000 resources than 1000. Take advantage of this bonus. Romans and Teutons do not have this advantage-however as a Teuton you should be doing the raiding, not be raided.

You can store your troops either in another village or in an oasis. Most farmers forget to raid the oases owned by the players they raid. I've been surprised some of times by players who kept storing praetorians in an oasis until they had about 1000 and then stood up to me.

Crannies can only get you so far and at some point you will require to stand up and fight. when is not as important as how. If you're constantly being raided then you require to have a safe place to store your troops. This is where being polite to your neighbors and mature pays off. While some players enjoy driving other players crazy (myself included), others are very happy to hold on to your troops and protect them for you whether you pay them crop to support them or not.

When you decide to stand up to your enemy depends on what they is raiding you with. You require to think of the biggest army you have 'seen' him attack with. A farmer will only send as plenty of troops to raid you with as they feels they needs to, that way they can send the rest to other players s/he is farming.