Top Strategies to Master DOTA

Defence of the Ancients is a very popular map in Warcraft III; almost an obsession with some players, probably due to the constant changes; each new version gains fame & followers. it is not surprising therefore, that DOTA tactics & strategy tips are populating the Web these days. Hero building is the prime focus; heroes acquire abilities & strength through purchases with gold, so acquiring gold becomes the prime aim. DOTA Heroes gain gold by killing or destroying enemy assets or personnel, in particular by killing creeps. Experience is relatively easy to acquire but gaining gold is more complex. Waiting for the health of an enemy to decrease or cast a spell will help. The last hit gains the gold so timing is crucial! Spells that deal multiple damage can gain several creep kills at one time.

Start by finding what type of hero you have: Strength, Intelligence, or Agility. Buy items that will boost these skills. A useful first item is Boots of Speed, which will give increased speed to attack or withdraw. Rings of regeneration, sapphire waters, ironwood branches & circlets of nobility are also useful. Some items combine to form recipes, & may not cost gold to obtain.

Getting the best from your hero means understanding their attributes & limitations. As you progress, you will require to increase your knowledge of the characters & their attributes to maintain your mastery of the game. aim to maximize damage, employ optimum survival tactics, seek to avoid unnecessary deaths & limit damage as much as possible. All these small incidents add up, & reduce your health & gold little by little.

Buy health potions to save returns to base. Make enemy heroes return to base to heal, it wastes time. Various sites & forums will show you ways to increase gold & acquire abilities; do not overlook damage limitation!

At first you will be killed in relatively few hits, so will require the aid of your creeps. As you improve, you will create your abilities & be able to destroy a tower alone without much harm to yourself. finally you will find yourself destroying towers with ease.