Travian - How to Shake Off Someone Who is Farming You - Part III

So far they have looked at the way a farmer thinks and how you can use defensive strategies to stand up to him/her. Another way you can defend yourself is by becoming a protege or vassal to another player.

What you wanna do is send a message to a much larger player asking them if they would be willing to help you out. Again, let's take a look at how larger and bigger players think on Travian servers.

Be prepared to offer something in return for help. If you both have a common enemy you could suggest that she reinforce your village in order to lay a trap for your enemy. This is exceptionally amusing for powerful defensive players who spend 90% of a game simming 10 hours away from everyone else.

After building your first 10 villages, the game gets a little repetitive. A want emerges to try new strategies. This want can be fulfilled by any number of ways. One of those ways is by protecting smaller players or alliances. Don't make the mistake of thinking that a bigger player will welcome you with open arms.

Regardless of the strategy you use for approaching bigger players, remember that they are probably a master of time management and would like to help others without spending all day doing it. Make things as easy for them as you can.

You can also capture a bigger players attention by offering them 1 hour's worth of resources per day or sending them a lump sum of crop to feed their troops. Getting help from a defensive player is your best bet since they can help you out while your attacker has no idea who they are. Bigger players also want homes for their troops to be fed. You can always offer to host a large battalion of defensive troops.