Travian - How to Shake Off somebody who's Farming You - Part I

I am going to deal with a different strategy in each part of this news story. If you have tried one, move on to the next. Any persistent player who does not need to be farmed can come up with a strategy to fix the problem. Unfortunately most players are not aware of what those strategies are.

If you have been investing a lot of time in building up your villages in Travian, having someone repeatedly attack you can be annoying. Even on speed servers where everything happens so much faster, a pesky Teuton can drive any player to deleting their account.

what is a farmer? A farmer is a player to raids your villages with their troops to steal your resources. Some raids can bring in as much as 80,000 of each resource a player will have in their warehouse.

To become a farm (farmer's target) your attacker will ask three questions when considering your village. First, does this village have extra resources I can steal that are not protected by crannies? If the answer is yes, s/he will scout and raid your village.

The third query a farmer will ask is: "If I can't farm this person, and there's no hero points, can I chief his village?" If the village in query is not your capital then expect it to get chiefed...especially if it is a 15 crop village.

Secondly, "Does this village have troops I can kill with my hero to get hero points?" A hero can be leveled up and gain points that are put toward an offensive/defensive bonus. A level 30 hero for example can have a 20% offensive bonus when attacking with other troops. To level him up he must kill troops. This is what makes an attack that loses 50% of its offensive units worthwhile. If there was a hero in the attacking force it was not 'all for nothing.'

So how do you protect yourself from a farmer? We'll look at a few strategies in the next few parts to this news story.