Bloons Tower Defense 3 Game Review - A Game by Ninjakiwi

At last Ninjakiwi produces a tower defense game worth its category classification...Bloons Tower Defense 3 is what the first in the series should have been like!

Having been disappointed with the first game and impartial towards the second, the third deserves a lot of credit for coming out of the blocks with improved graphics, a great weapon variety and a solid choice of levels. Not to mention there has been a lot more effort put into each level's detail and design.

There are 8 levels to choose them, 4 of which are exclusive to Ninjakiwi. They are:

• Grass and sand track,
• Chocolaty brown track
• Plumbing and cog track
• Bright snowy track
• Party track shaped like the bloons monkey (This point down - Exclusive to Ninjakiwi)
• Volcanic lava track
• Circuit bored track
• Finally a track that I couldn't quite decipher what it was meant to be.

The same difficulty options are kept, with hard difficulty involving balloons that move in two directions.

The defense tower collection not only sees some great new additions to its ranks but also every tower now has a second upgrade level. The new towers are:

Spike-o-pult - A large catapult that tosses spiked boulders across the screen bursting multiple balloons.

Monkey Beacon - A tower that increases the attack speed and range of any monkey towers in it's proximity and also offers even greater power on its second level upgrades.

Pineapple - An explosive pineapple bomb that blows up shortly after placement, a neat addition to the tracks spikes and monkey glue.

Top Secret Weapon - I won't spoil what this weapon is.

As you can see, Ninjakiwi has given the fans what they originally expected in the second tower defense game.

As previously mentioned each tower now has 2 upgrade options, so for example the boomerang monkey can now be upgraded into a ninja star throwing monkey that pops even more bloons and can even take out those annoying lead balloons. This is just one example of the cool 2nd level upgrades that await you in the game.

As for balloon variety, well this time around there's a sense that Ninjakiwi has put more effort into providing challenging bosses and powerful balloons. In the later levels be prepared to pop balloons 10 times over to break them down into their original form (red balloons). This can lead to the screen being overloaded with over 100 balloons at a time!

Also be prepared to pack the screen with as many powerful weapons as possible in order to survive the later level on rushes. You will find somewhere in Bloons Tower Defense 3 that you will have to go many levels without additional tower deployments to make the large leap in cash, in order to afford a super monkey or 2. This was the same as in the first and second game but this time round it's actually worth the wait...

Not only do you get the super monkey, but he can also be upgraded twice over giving him huge powers including shooting lasers from his eyes and a huge increase in attack radius. This gives the gamer much greater satisfaction when enduring many levels of make doing with what you already have and desperately deploying countless spikes across the roads to make up for your buckling tower defenses.

Number 3 gives you the sense of urgency needed in a tower defense game, where you feel the pressure of defending a track bursting at it seems. In the first and second game popping the balloons was just plain boring and left you deflated, but the third will make you work for your success and actually enjoy it.

Game Verdict

To sum Bloons Tower Defense 3 up, it is the ultimate free flash tower defense game and completely outshines the first and second game. If you haven't got much time to waste then skip the first 2 sorry excuses and move straight onto this cracker!

  • Playability: 10/10
  • Graphics: 7/10
  • Originality: 8/10
  • Game Detail: 7/10
  • Addictiveness: 8/10
  • Final Score: 80%

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