Paladin PvP Guide - How to Be Effective in PvP

The paladin is maybe the most powerful class in World of Warcraft. Many players re-rolled paladins since WotLK was released because it's a class easy to play and no matter what spec you take, enemies fall like flies. But no matter how your paladin can be, to achieve the top of PvP and arena you need skills. I'm writing this paladin PvP guide to help all the players understand better the role and importance of paladins in battlegrounds and arena.

The basics of playing a paladin

As a first step of this paladin PvP guide I will focus on the features of the general PvP gameplay that a paladin must learn and apply to combine the toughness and strength with the teamwork. Of course, if you have a paladin you know it's piece of cake to "cold" most of the other World of Warcraft classes on your own, but a battleground or an arena match is not about your power as a single player, it's about teamwork. The two specs used for PvP are holy or retribution. As a retri-paladin you are the one that rushes in the battle first to actually test the strength of the enemy. Also, on retribution spec you are in the posture of a heavy damage dealer. If you're taking too much damage and your healers can't support, of course, you have the luxury of the "bubble" immunity which, used wisely, can turn the fight to your team's advantage. As a holy paladin, you THE support class that keeps the team alive. You need to know how to keep out of the enemies' spell range. No matter what spec you have, the AoEs, the "bubbles" and the Hammer of Justice must be used and managed properly to get the maximum efficiency in a battle, for yourself and for your team. These are about the basics that a paladin must know for PvP. My paladin PvP guide continues with explaining the role of paladins in battlegrounds.

The role of the paladin in PvP battlegrounds

No matter what spec, retribution or holy, a paladin has the features of a defender. Just by being present in the defense of a battleground objective, a paladin makes that certain point of interest discouraging to take on. On holy spec, a paladin makes an attack very hard to reject and, grouped with another heavy armored DPS, in defense of a base, they can hold a base against multiple attackers for several minutes. I've seen a holy paladin and a warrior defending a base in Arathi Basin against seven attackers for more than minutes, without dying and without any help. In the battlegrounds based on capturing flags, paladins make excellent flag carriers because they are tough and resistant and also using their Hand of Freedom they can become immune to movement impairing effects, being able to take the flag away from the enemy base easily. My paladin PvP guide will continue revealing the role of the paladin in arena.

The role of the paladin in PvP arena

As a holy spec paladin, for arena you must first choose equipment with a lot of resilience. Being a healer, you must stay alive as long as possible to be able to keep your team mates alive as well. Usually, the attackers will try to force you use the Divine Shield quickly and you will be the main target after the effect fades. Therefore, you must keep out the enemy range, also being able to heal your party members. The minimum of crowd control that the paladin has, the Hammer of Justice stun, must be used everytime it's up.

On retri-spec, you can choose between resilience gear or DPS PvE gear. I usually go for the PvE equipment to deal as much damage as possible in the shortest time. On this spec, you are the "tough guy" that attacks first, testing the enemy's strength. Even if you have your "bubble" on it is best to concentrate on damage, as a DPSer, instead of healing. Retribution paladins are very effective against rogues, healers and even bear-shaped druids. These are the targets I usually attack and go for the kill, in arena.

I hope my paladin PvP guide has helped you understand the importance of this class in PvP a little better and it improved your gameplay.

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