World of Warcraft Leveling Tips to Help You Hit Level 80 Fast

The game of World of Warcraft is ever expanding with the release of patches, and content for the game. The latest expansion the Wrath of the Lich King allows players to level from 70 to 80 now which for many players has added some needed freshness to the game. Though there are a number of guides out there to help you level up to 80 faster, However I feel that leveling can also be done without a guide so I wanted to focus on a few World of Warcraft leveling tips that can help you do just that.

1. Get a bigger bag. Nothing is more frustrating then when you are about to leave for a quest or when you find yourself far away from town discovering that your bag is full. So as soon as you get a chance make sure you get a bigger bag this really helps cut down on the amount of trips back to town just to empty out your bags.

2. Consider add-ons that will save you time. Some of the best add-ons available include the carbonite quest, auctioneer and my favorite auto profit. Auto profit is very useful as it sells the items which you would have classified as gray junk to the vendor and it does all this in just one click. This is extremely useful, as it saves a ton of time, which can then be spent leveling. The carbonite quest works more or less like a quest helper with better mini maps and a really good quest tracker.

3. Get your mount as fast as you can. It is important to remember that travelling on a mount increases your travel speed thus cutting down on wasted travel time. So even for those players in the higher level zones', upgrading your mount is just as effective for over over level 60 players as getting your first mount was at level 40

Of course there is a lot more World of Warcraft leveling tips but there just isn't the time and space to cover all those in just one article. I suggest to learn more visit our site we cover a lot more WoW leveling tips as well review many of the leveling aids out there, so that you can reach level 80 faster then all your friends.

Draenei Leveling Guide - Fastest Way to Level 80 For Draenei


Draeneis are relatively new race in World of Warcraft, they first appeared in the first expansion of the WoW. Back then, for new players playing with a draenei character it took months to get level 70. The same is true for the Wrath of the Lich King, for new players it is difficult to get level 80. Most of them don't know the game mechanics, the quests & so on. But with a draenei leveling guide these new players can easily get level 80 in no time. Read on to find out the basics of draenei speed leveling.

The right talent build plays a crucial role in the routine of speed leveling. A lot of new player underestimate the value of an appropriate talent build. You can learn how to use your character properly but without a good talent build, you will struggle to get level 80. As a general idea, I recommend to choose those talents, that improve your damaging abilities or giving new damage dealing abilities. But remember, a quality draenei leveling guide will tell you exactly how to spend your talent points.


The best & most experienced players always use the best & mot advanced add-ons, that is why they can achieve so many things in the game. Unfortunately, most new players don't recognize the importance of the add-ons so they don't use them. The best add-ons will help give a huge boost to your leveling speed. Recently,the best leveling add-on is the Cartographer, which unveils the map & gives you coordinates, so you can easily determine the location of your next objective.

The Ultimate Draenei Leveling Guide

If you require to get level 80 as soon as possible I recommend you to get a World Of Warcraft leveling guide. With the help of an elite guide you will be able to get level 80 in 6 days! Check out this page to unveil the secrets of the most effective leveling guide! Click here!

Choosing the best draenei leveling guide can be difficult sometimes, so read on to find out more about the best guides. In my opinion, the best guide is an universal guide & not an only draenei guide, because an universal guide can be helpful later, if you decide to start a new character. The most advanced guides are built-in automated guides, so they automatically do everything, all you require to do is to follow the simple instructions. The best guides also contain an in-game GPS process, which always shows you the right route to your current objective: it places an arrow in the middle of your screen pointing in the right direction.

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