Maplestory Warrior Guide - 2nd Job Advancement Training to Level Up

After you reach level 30 and you pick your 2nd job, you probably require to find a place to train. However, that seems to be a little harder than you thought it would be. there's many places to actually train, but this is where you'll learn the right places to train for the best levels, as well as which monsters to fight.

* Levels 30-34: Ideally, you should find Trixters and fight them. They're speedy experience and easy to fight. The only move up and down, so it's easy to avoid them. we can be found in the Eos Tower.
* Levels 35-39: Jr. Kitties in Orbis are the ideal target for these levels. Alternatively, you can also fight in the Evil Eye Cave, which earns faster experience but costs a lot of money. Teddies are also a lovely source of experience.
* Levels 40-44: Jr. Boogies at the Evil Eye Cave are the best for these levels. Also, if you can, do the Ludibrium party quest, it's also a great way to train, but it can be slow since it takes time to find others to party up with.
* Levels 45-49: Train in Floor 8 or Hidden Tower and fight Block Golems for the best experience. Alternatively, you can fight Fire Boars and Copper Drakes at Dangerous Valley, but it's slower. A better way would be to fight the Lanterns in Mushroom Shrine, but be prepared to buy a lot of potions.
* Levels 50-54: You can continue fighting Lanterns and Block Golems, but if you require some new scenery, go to Cloud Park IV or fight Jr. Yetis. You can save mesos by going to Pig Park and fighting Iron Hogs, which deal low damage and are best if you can kill them in five hits. The best area, however, is at Mu Lung. There, you can fight Straw Target Dummies, as they're easy.
* Levels 55-59: At this point, you can continue fighting Straw Target Dummies, Jr. Yetis, and Luster Pixies. Drake's Meal Table is also considered a nice places to train.
* Levels 60-69: If you have Power Guard, stay at Drake's Meal Table. There, you can earn tons of mesos and items with decent experience. You can also go for Hectors, Zombies, Forest Golems, and Gryphons.
* Levels 70-80: In between these levels, fight Forest Golems. we provide the best experience for a while.